Amy Dubose Voice Actor

Welcome! 👋 I am an experienced voice actor and for most projects offer a 24 hour turnaround. • I work in a sound-treated studio and can accommodate directed sessions. • I work with eLearning companies, advertising agencies, and corporate producers.

Founded in
Atlanta, GA
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Welcome! 💥 I love helping clients speak their minds!

⚫ Natural Speaking Voice: Neutral General American · 25-45 year old female. Get a feel for my sound at:

⚫ Voice Profile: Relatable · Conversational · Charismatic · Young Mother · Helpful · Caring · Authentic · Trustworthy · Seductive · Quirky · Fun Storyteller

🎧 Studio: •AKG214 microphone •Scarlett2i2 •Adobe Audition DAW •Sound treated booth.
💡 Specialties: Voice Acting • Commercial •Virtual Reality Videogames •eLearning •Corporate Training

I work primarily with local and international eLearning companies, advertising agencies, production studios, and corporate media producers. I help them with their product explainer videos, educating their clients, training teammates, creating excitement through commercial advertising, and announcements, as well as telephony needs.

These clients benefit by gaining control over what information is shared, training thousands of employees with ease, warmly introducing themselves and their products to new clients, and saving brain-space to build relationships!

Some of my most recent clients include: Great American Cookie / Orro Intelligent Lighting / Immersive Marketing Virtual Reality / Thomson Reuters / Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word / FAB&T Bank & Trust / Simulation Studios / Wibe / QUB / Salesforce / / and More!

I love giving others a way to communicate their knowledge and story in a charismatic and digestible way. It's delightful helping knowledge seekers engage with their learning and listeners feel stories as they unfold. If no one has told you yet today, allow me to say that you're AWESOME! 👋 Work with you soon!