Andovar is a comprehensive language solutions provider with a specialized practice group for eLearning localization.

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Andovar is a comprehensive language solutions provider with a specialized practice group for eLearning localization. We work with some of the best-known names in eLearning development and publishing. Our services encompass translation, cultural adaptation, desktop publishing, Flash and HTML5 integration, testing and audio/multimedia services from our offices around the globe.

We have localized tens of thousands of hours of eLearning and assessment content into over 80 languages. This experience contributes to the success of our clientele, especially when combined with the highly competitive pricing that our hybrid offshore model brings. We understand the importance of conveying eLearning objectives accurately and completely across client organizations and across the globe. Our ability to offer services à-la-carte or to link all elements of eLearning module and campaign localization into a comprehensive package ensures a perfect fit for any engagement.

Language Translation

Translation is the cornerstone of any successful eLearning localization project. Andovar’s translation services include multi-step processes designed to ensure quality at every stage of every project. From file preparation and translation memory application to translation, editing and testing, we handpick language professionals that meet the specialized subject-area requirements of each assignment.

Culture shades the way we see the world, and the way we express ourselves. It goes beyond language into imagery, context, and symbolism that can either support or impede your training objectives. Andovar has the global mindset, regional resources and specialized knowledge to help you identify and adapt culturally inappropriate materials for improved acceptance by audiences worldwide.

Audio-Video and Integration

Thanks to proprietary state-of-the-art studios and a whole host of voice talent at our disposal, Andovar can offer highly competitive rates in virtually any language. Our audio directors and studio engineers are dedicated to ensuring the highest quality audio or on-screen output in the format of your choice.

Andovar specializes in localizing video content no matter how complex, whether it is subtitling interviews, lip-sync dubbing of training scenario videos or recreating complex 3D text animations in new languages. We also provide full video production and post production services for localizing video with regionally oriented live-action characters, either on location or shot against a green screen. We provide a flexible solution for production of both corporate and creative projects.

Andovar’s localization engineers, DTP experts and Flash  specialists have years of experience working with all kinds of interactive media. In addition to various encoded content formats, our specialists have experience working in Adobe Flash, Adobe Presenter, Lectora, Captivate, Camtasia, Articulate Storyline, and many more.

Repurposing of Legacy Content

Across campaigns or accounts, most eLearning practices leverage pre-existing assets – whether by word, module or interface – to work more efficiently and to maintain a consistent style of instruction. Most commonly, we receive requests for updating Flash-based courses using HTML5 technology or for converting legacy content on CD/DVD-ROM to modern formats. Andovar’s localization engineers and rich media specialists have developed a sophisticated workflow that enables our customers to leverage learning assets across any number of languages.