Animal Biology and Care Education

Animal biology and care education is a distance learning organisation specialising in animal care, welfare, conservationm, and ecology plus veterinary and animal nursing qualifications.

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26 Tuttles Lane West, Wymondham, Norfolk
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Distance learning courses and training courses for:

African ecology & conservation, Animal behaviour and sentience, Animal Care and Welfare, Animal cruelty investigator, Animal ethics, ABC Awards level 2 Animal Nursing Assistant Award and Animal Nursing Assistant Certificate, Animal Science and Welfare, Animal shelter assistant,

Animal welfare investigator, Biochemistry, Birds of prey nutrition, Canine genetics and welfare, Canine nutrition and care, Canine hydrotherapy, Ecology and Conservation of African Elephants, Ecology and Conservation of African Predators, Ecology and Conservation of African Primates, Ecology and Conservation: African Hunting Dog, Ecology, and Conservation: The Meerkat,

Ecology of the UK, Ecology Training Course, Ecology level 2, Feline behaviour, Feline biology and care, Feline nutrition and care, Herpetology, Hydrotherapy, Low cost online courses (£45.00 only), Marine biology and ecology, Marine mammals, Pet Bereavement, Pygmy hedgehog, Rabbit Behaviour & Welfare, Rabbit Nutrition & Care

Red squirrel conservation, Reptile ecology, and conservation, Reptile nutrition, and care, Veterinary care assistant level 2, Veterinary practice management, Zoo Animal Welfare plus many more high-quality courses for employment, development and personal interest.

We have installment plans for nearly all courses apart from the Low-cost ones, take credit card, bank transfer, and PayPal payments and provide an experienced tutor to support and guide you through your course.