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AppleTechnoSoft started with the intention of better Online software training courses to all students in this world Our Every Trainer has minimum 12+ years of Real Time experience.

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Apple Technosoft provides Selenium online training, where selenium place an important role within the software industry, once a product reaches the stable manual testing phase, every organization usually thinks of automated testing to save on the costs involved in manual testing. Since testing cost is an important factor for any project, organizations have started preferring open source test automation tools (which have reached a stage where they now rival the commercial ones) instead of investing in costly commercial testing tools.

With no licensing costs, open source automation testing tools provide competitive features for automating the testing of software applications as well as Web portals.

A variety of open source automation testing tools is available for almost all types of testing such as functional, Web, UAT, regression, performance, etc. Because of the extent to which these open source tools have matured, it’s time to think about them and have them in your QA automation kit. There are also various open source tools available to support the different testing types such as White Box Testing (Unit Testing, for e.g., using JUnit) and Black Box Testing (system/regression testing, for e.g., using Selenium, Sahi, Watir, TestMaker, LogiTest, TestGen4J, FitNesse, etc).