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The all-in-one learning platform for unlimited growth

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As our name might suggest, Archipel is a group of learning solutions that together form a whole, just like a group of islands. With the help of our curious and friendly octopus Archi, a group of ambitious and enthusiastic professionals is dedicated to developing the new innovative solutions of tomorrow. They make a powerful team!

Archipel came about from taking a different look at learning and development. When we started out as 'learning consultants', we observed a trend that was preventing clients from rolling out an effective learning environment. More and more challenges are forcing organizations to change faster. And L&D did not offer a solution to this at that time. Change was needed.


Where do we come from?

We asked ourselves: How do we get organisations to learn differently , without experiencing the usual problems? And how do we make learning and development not only flexible and effective , but truly future-proof too? Archipel was created in response to these questions as an all-in-one learning platform. A single solution to all these challenges.

Where are we going?

Archipel is the leading all-in-one learning platform in Europe. We see it as our mission to change the way we learn and develop and make it future-proof. The constantly changing needs of organizations and a new generation of employees require a personalized, agile approach to learning. That's why we are not only developing adaptive learning systems right now, but we are also continuously working on innovative solutions for the future. So that 'lifelong learning' can become a reality. Unlimited growth.

How do we do it?

Archipel makes the fragmented world of training not just accessible in one place, but also more personal, impactful and cheaper. It considers what and how you want to learn, it's unlimited and is precisely tailored to each employee. We also take care of all the administrative hassle so that our customers can focus on what they do best. Our brand values are our moral compass throughout our journey. A scale-up with a start-up mentality!