Argo Translation

Argo Translation provides tailored translation solutions (translation + technology + process) to fit customer’s needs through exceptional attentiveness to customer service, responsiveness to tough deadlines, and guaranteed certified translation.

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1884 Johns Dr
Glenview, IL
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(847) 901-4070

Argo Translation has been providing exceptional tailored translation solutions for more than 28 years — whether it’s to help companies sell more products to an international audience or to clearly engage with employees through a variety of languages. With a focus on communicating with the client at a personal level, even as technology continues to be more advanced, we continue to uphold the same spirit of great customer service that the company began with as we continue to create understanding in every language around the world.

We help ensure your company's eLearning courses are a success before you start by providing expert localization guidance and tips. We know how much work you put into creating courses that educate. Whether you require translation for onboarding an international workforce, need training sales for a new product, or want to earn better customer satisfaction, we can help.