Ariyel Academy LTD

Empowering Through Educationon Mindset, Health, Wealth and Spirituality

Founded in
The Enterprsie Hub, 5 Whitefriars St CV1 2DS
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Ariyel Academy is an Institute of Higher Education Registered as a Social Enterprise. Our Mission is to Enhance, Develop and Nurture 1 Billion lives spread accross this plane . Our Major Education is based on Mindset, Health, Wealth and Spirituality. We also have a wide range of courses in different subjects and industries. Our Social Aim is to Seek those who have lost their home and identity, Save and Restore them to their rightful heritage. Born in the end of an age are we, in the significant ” Year of the Return”. We are a Force of Legends standing on the shoulder of Giants. The Lion with Eagle Wings, Powerful and Swift.