Art-K Online is an exciting new platform which aims to create a safe space for children and adults wishing to create art.

Founded in
54 Woodlands park road, Greenwich
Contact details
07483 278215

art-K has 20 years of experience teaching art to children and adults alike. With over 30 branches across England, we’ve developed a specific age-appropriate program that is like no other and tailored to each individual.

With what’s been going on in the current climate, safe spaces for children to come together and do art are becoming impossible to access. To ensure people across England can still stay connected, maintain mental wellbeing, and grow artistically throughout this difficult time, we’ve decided to launch art-K online. art-K online is a way for children to develop their artistic skills and gains access to professional tutoring from the comfort and safety of their own homes.

If you choose to subscribe to the paid channel (starting at £10 per month), new videos will be continuously available and will continue to focus on key mediums: clay, papier mâché (newspaper, flour, water), watercolour, acrylic, and fine liner.

Our teachers will paint along with you or your child. If this is for your child, we recommend 20 minutes on a starter and 55 minutes on the main project (these will be clearly listed in the full course) with a break in the middle. The easiest way to manage this would be to set a timer next to them. For 6- 11-year-old students, there are games that break up the videos into smaller chunks.

To find out more, please visit our website.