A massive 800-hour online music instruction library with Video Exchange® option. 34 world-renowned musicians offer a huge lesson library online reaching players worldwide, all ages & skill levels. Students’ playing can be evaluated w/ Video Exchange.

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We Teach the World Music Online through Video Exchange Learning. ArtistWorks works with 34 hand-selected, world renowned performance luminaries who have recorded over 800 hours of premium quality music instruction lesson libraries. Our online students (many who are lifelong learners) can submit a video to the teacher and receive a Video Response of advice. These "Video Exchanges" are available to the entire student body to learn from.  We include many supplemental study materials through PDFs, scores and tablature. The ArtistWorks Music Campus Online includes many tools to self-curate a large amount of learning content to personally tailor the learning experience. Additionally, our learners are able to socialize on our platform with fellow students of the same instrument and genre or with the overall online learning student body.

Our teachers include Grammy nominees, winners, principals in major orchestras and highly acclaimed musicians and virtuosi. The lesson libraries were specifically designed for online learning and include foundational elements of playing to technique building lessons up through highly advanced skills. Within each lesson library, the teacher indicates a skill that is key to mastery and suggest the student player submit a video for review. Once the teacher has recorded a personal video response, this "Video Exchange" becomes an important teaching moment for everyone to learn from.

The ArtistWorks Music instruction libraries are available for high schools and colleges to offer their students. The Video Exchange feature is a premium option available to institution faculty.

We offer guitar in rock, jazz, blues, country, bluegrass and folk.  Other genres and instruments include jazz saxophone, piano and bass along with classical flute, violin, cello, mandolin, trumpet, French horn, piano and guitar.  Other instruments include harmonica, ukulele, vocals (multi-style and bluegrass), fiddle, dobro, popular piano, hip-hop scratching and hand percussion.