If you're a MARKETING, PRODUCT, CONTENT or COMMUNICATION executive, we'll open up your products to INTERNATIONAL markets with smooth LOCALIZATION processes INTEGRATED with your backend using CONNECTED translation.

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If you are a MARKETING, product or other content-driven executive with the goal to make your INTERNATIONAL clients choose you as their preferred brand, then you can relate:

You provide extensive PRODUCT information, training material, documentation and other UX-sensitive content for various types of end-users. With this much CONTENT and working with at least 2 LANGUAGES apart from English, you need SMOOTH systems and processes to manage the WORKFLOW. This is critical. Your PLATFORM has modules that provide extensive capabilities for AUTOMATING the export/import of TEXT for TRANSLATION. Many firms have amazing INTEGRATIONS with HubSpot, but their setup and maintenance costs surpass your budget before you even LOCALIZE a single page. You are afraid you are going to end up with time-consuming translation PROCESS to manage the work and huge integration fees. You want a partner who do their job so you can FOCUS on yours.

ATL helps international businesses grow globally and open up to new markets. We do this through translation.

We typically help our clients in 6 ways:

  1. They want to support users worldwide by catering to their education and training needs. They want to make the product inclusive and accessible to more people even in the unprecedented circumstances.
  2. They want to grow their business and reach customers with their marketing, training, and product materials. They have identified new markets and want to sell their products to local customers in new countries.
  3. They want to make using their product easy for international users. They want to be certain that their products reach a wider range of customers who prefer to have information in their native languages.
  4. Sometimes they need to roll out projects for different countries at the same time and make sure the processes are not slowing them down. They want a smooth process to handle the multilingual copy, reduce the middleman and avoid going through extra loops with multiple providers.
  5. They want to be able to use the data system they have chosen for their development or to outsource translations directly from their backend. They also want to make sure that their regular content updates and consequent language updates can be handled efficiently thanks to integration and smooth workflow.
  6. They need a provider grounded in their industry, capable of handling all the jargon and specific language.

Such clients include Skillsoft, True Office Learning and PDH Global

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