Augmental: Education.

An educational technology application where course material gets customized to address the unique needs for each learner

Founded in
United Arab Emirates
Abu Dhabi
Contact details
+971 58 599 7422

Augmental is an educational technology application initially targeting middle to high school students where course material is adapted to each student’s learning abilities using artificial intelligence and student engagement tools.

Based on the student interaction with course materials the algorithm redirects each student on a unique path inside the course by giving the learner a tailored made content or question that matches his/her learning style and level.

At the core of the application is a powerful analytics module, which can be accessed by educators, administrators, and parents. It is a one-stop-shop insight into every student’s progress and knowledge acquired. By having this data in real-time, teachers can direct each student to complete the curriculum in a timely matter and more effectively than the traditional educational approach, while the parents and administrators are more confident that learning is being achieved.

On top of all that, Augmental is building the first marketplace for adaptive learning content and enriching it by collaboration with publishers as well as content creators such as educational video producers and qualified teachers.