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Milton Keynes
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At Autonomy Multimedia, we create, blend and deliver online learning.

For over 30 years Autonomy Multimedia has developed flexible, continuous workplace learning materials and estimate well over 2K courses have been produced, creating forward-thinking, innovative, and award-winning eLearning resources for over 1M users worldwide. From interactive video, animation and motion graphics to passive or fully integrated simulations, gamification or augmented reality.

Whether content is scenario based or real-life learning interactions, quizzes or knowledge checks, content is personalized and available anytime, anywhere; bite-sized or fully loaded, in the user’s native language on any device.

Make Learning part of 'Everyday'

Creating the best user experience is essential, in one learning space, to socially connect and collaboratively engage users to introduce, onboard or refresh your culture and values, to improve performance, capability, and competences.

Harnessing your learning strategy, we'll work with you to ensure that your objectives, content, and process are underpinned and strengthen by technology, promoting the value of continuous learning and development, achieving staff satisfaction with transformational benefits.

Whether scenario based or real-life learning interactions, quizzes or knowledge checks, content is personalized, available anytime, anywhere empowering employees to start their learning journey, engaged and inspired.


Discover the Solutions Autonomy Multimedia Ltd has to offer.