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Voice Talent, Audio Producer

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Belinda is a rising star and an up and comer in the  E-Learning arena. With a background in vocal performance and public speaking, becoming a voice talent has been a natural progression. Breathing intentional, devoted energy into her projects has proven to be a successful mode of operation. Her recent accomplishments include audiobooks listed on Audible, iTunes and Amazon. Belinda is also versed in audio production. From podcasts to tracks synced to video, she does it all from a well-equipped home studio in Mansfield, TX.

How would you like to see your next E-Learning project materialize? Do you have a sample script you’d like read?

If you would like to chat with Belinda about your project, simply send a message to the email on this listing or use the contact form on the linked website. She would be thrilled to collaborate with you! Please contact her regarding turnaround times and rates.