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Provides Industrial and Supply Chain organizations with online training and coaching programs geared towards Operational Excellence, Leadership, Problem-Solving and Continuous Improvement. Coaching programs use a Blended Learning approach.

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Multiple curricula offer learner-specific, job-specific, self-paced engaging content designed in the way that adults learn, with practice exercises, an open-ended multi-session simulation, discussions, and immediate use application to their jobs.

We provide a journey from the start for your entire organization to engage 100% of your workforce and create a culture of continuous improvement.

Adults learn by doing.  Our coaching programs use a Blended Learning Flipped Classroom model.
Self-paced, engaging modules provide immediate reflection and assignments.  After a section is complete, students get to apply and practice their learnings in a fun team simulation exercise.  The simulation takes each student through the Operational Excellence journey and their journey in their own role.

Check out any of our programs available on our website. We have the Right Operational Excellence Curriculum for You!

We also offer our coaching programs in Spanish and the lessons are subtitled in any other language!