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  • Large Enterprises
  • Small/Medium Businesses
Specialization Areas
  • Cultural Tranformation Training
  • Leadership Development
  • Remote Working
  • Soft Skills Training
Cluster X, JLT
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The smart way to train people to thrive and be at their best at work

We train people in organizations to be more productive and mentally strong for change - we use technology and neuroscience so that 'Change' becomes cost-effective and has quantifiable results

An online Transformation Platform with on-demand services combining learning journeys with personalized coaching – that measures results
Replacing “Training” with “Change Programs”: Learn, Apply, and Measure, the way your brain works [neuroscience].

Our Thrive in Change programs have helped numerous organizations across the globe improve productivity, embrace change in periods of volatility, create healthy habits for well-being, optimize leadership skills to create impact at the individual and organizational level.

We have created the first Middle East Tech platform to measure and improve performance & well-being in corporations – Employees learn, practice healthy micro-behaviors, track their improvements and have access to individual human support when needed the most.


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