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Bilingual Solutions aim is to provide flexible, high quality business and educational solutions, serving clients across the globe.

Expertise for a Changing World!

Bilingual Solutions provides learning and communication tools you need to deliver personalized, flexible and cost effective training anytime anywhere! We provide a detailed needs assessment and analysis to determine the effectiveness of a blended learning approach. We take care of the design and technical implementation. Our highly professionalized team advises on the best assessment solutions to ensure a detailed and valid evaluation of your project.

As founders of Bilingual Solutions, we can draw on extensive professional and personal experience in an intercultural context. Our core consultation lie in our expertise in the practical implementation of this methodology.

We offer learning strategies for communication and behavioral skills in a professional context, as well as the reflection of social-cultural experiences of our students since they become increasingly important in a globalized society.

This format offers the advantages of a learning management system (LMS) that the transfer of knowledge also includes students that cannot attend class lectures in person. Students can deepen and expand their knowledge in these online activities and share insights gained with the other participants. Bilingual Solutions not only provides the mere presentation of facts, but emphasizes on the training of intercultural actions and communication skills to be applied in a professional context.

Bilingual Solutions specializes in the development of educational platforms for your business or educational institution and its courses using the methodology of ADDIE. The ADDIE model is a systematic instructional design model consisting of five phases: (1) Analysis, (2) Design, (3) Development, (4) Implementation, and (5) Evaluation. Various flavors and versions of the ADDIE model exist making use of a vertical approach. This leads to more flexibility within the model compared to its original linear form.

Bilingual Solutions uses Rapid prototyping (continual feedback) as a way to improve the generic ADDIE model and will make revisions if necessary.


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