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About Blue Carrot E-learning Video Production

Blue Carrot - is a top-rated studio specializing in full-cycle video production for e-learning and marketing, and educational content creation. Our team produced more than 10 000 minutes of video content in numberless visual and animation styles. Our experience comes from serving e-learning businesses whose clients include the world’s most famous universities and corporations. 

We provide video production services (animation & editing): concept development, scriptwriting, storyboarding, illustration, animation, editing, sound design, voice-over casting & recording.

Why do eLearning companies prefer to work with us?

  • Additional production capacity on-demand - dozens and thousands of video minutes in weeks and months.
  • Video quality is on target. We are able to match visual styles and maintain consistency through an entire course or series of courses. E-learning graphics are generally simple, yet our art direction makes them appealing.
  • When there are uncertainties and delays from their clients, we go the extra mile to meet the deadline.
  • Thorough Quality Assurance processes decrease unnecessary and time-consuming revisions.

What about the details?

  • Language: we create instructional videos in different languages, from Chinese to Arabic. We work with native speakers and translators.
  • Data Management: our robust, structured revisions and file management are fundamental for big, multi-hour projects.
  • We work with more than 200 clients around the globe, from world-famous NGOs to Fortune 500 companies. We’ve successfully overcome the challenges of working in multiple time zones and facilitating English communication.

What we do?

We share our experience in e-learning video production and produce videos. We will:

  • Analyze your educational goals and match them with a video design
  • Help you build a realistic timeline, estimate a budget, and evaluate all risks for video production, enabling you to establish correct expectations with the client
  • Produce videos: create video branding packages, provide editing or produce animated videos at scale

In fact, you can decrease potential risks in your educational video productions even after having a virtual coffee with us. Let's get in touch!


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