Boardroom English

Boardroom English is an online English coaching company for executives, managers, and professionals who work internationally. We inspire, educate and coach in those situations where your English communication skills really need to make an impact.

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Boardroom English is focused on coaching and developing the English language and communication skills of international professionals, public figures, government officials, executives, and managers who have a need or wish to improve their professional English communication skills.

We will coach you to develop the skills and confidence you need to feel at ease with your professional English communication, take advantage of global opportunities, and make your next presentation, interview, speech, negotiation, or meeting successful. We know you are busy so we focus on what really matters and getting the results you need quickly.

Our clients will already be able to communicate in English in regular day to day business or professional situations. However when it comes to that big presentation, important interview or appraisal, major conference speech, major correspondence, or just networking and small talk, you feel that you need to improve your English and have better communication skills.