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BranchTrack is a unique authoring tool for branching scenarios. Scenarios improve your online courses by adding realistic customer scenarios into the mix. When learners face an actual customer and have to make actual decisions, they tend to care more, remember more and apply their knowledge in their jobs faster. When used in e.g. customer service training, better results directly translate into increased revenue and higher customer satisfaction.

Beyond just authoring, BranchTrack offers insights into learner behavior within the scenarios, their choices and mistakes. This data can be used to improve work processes, identify skill gaps and prioritise training efforts. It is by far the most cost-efficient way to understand e.g. what all your employees in fact do wrong when they talk to a customer.

Creating complex branching scenarios in BranchTrack is as easy as drawing on a whiteboard. It requires no design or development skills to create an interactive scenario that can be instantly shared with SMEs or learners, embedded into courses or uploaded to your LMS.


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