Bravee Multiskilling Academy

Skill Development Initiative to enhance employability and entrepreneurship through Bravee HomeLearning Studios

Founded in
Bengaluru India
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Bravee Multiskilling Academy is a Skill Development Initiative to enhance the employability and entrepreneurship of professionals.  This academy conducts online professional development programs to enable family members of owners of small scales industries to support them in the family businesses.  Bravee HomeLearning Studios are arranged with customised online learning facilities. The team from Bravee Multiskilling Academy provides continuous coaching support to complete the continuing learning pursuits of every member of the family. Customised Branded furniture and AR/VR-enabled learning management systems can be provided to improve the personal home learning ambiance.  Most of the clients are owners of small-scale industries involved in family-managed businesses and engaged in continuing learning pursuits for innovation in their businesses.