Brigid & Jace Reale: Reale Voices

Voice actors Brigid & Jace Reale have an outstanding reputation for producing top-tier voiceover projects. From mom to expert & sage, and millennial to bright& bubbly, these voice artists have the REALE VOICES for your every VO need!

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Voice actors Brigid and Jace Reale have an outstanding international reputation for producing top quality voiceover projects, as well as full post-production services.

Brigid’s signature voice is warm and friendly; she’s that really sweet, cool girl you grew up with. But that’s not where she stops! She can range from the confident corporate executive, to the soccer mom, to the quirky millennial, and everywhere in between.

She is the ultimate Gen Z and third-culture kid! Growing up around the world, Jace sees life through seeing a unique lens, infusing that energy into everything she does. This fun, sweet, perky, sassy, teen voice is an amazing actress with a Peter Pan and a diva heart that feeds her fire for all things creative!

From mom to smooth & sage-like, and millennial to youthful & bright, these top-tier voice-artists have the REALE VOICES for your every VO need!