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Providing outstanding British Accented E-Learning Voice services, Ian Russell was nominated Best UK Male Voice Actor 2019 (One Voice Awards). Access to a carefully curated pool of Native British Talent . First class quality, first class delivery.

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E-Learning Narration requires a laser-like focus on detail, accuracy of reading and clear enunciation and pronunciation of often complex specialist language.

It’s a real headache for producers if your narrators get it wrong, requiring time-consuming pickups and re-records.

This team of British Narrators, lead by Ian Russell are all recognised both by E-Learning Professionals and their Voice Over peers alike as being at the top of their game.

Providing accurate, clear and precise narration we pride ourselves on getting it right and minimizing disruption to the development of your project.

Whether it’s 100 words or 100,000 let us deliver your project and bask in the quality Britishness we bring.

Please email to request custom samples and details of pricing