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If you are looking for a British voice actor that specialises in corporate eLearning, you’ve come to the right place! If you’re in the tech industry, I have taught new technology to retail staff for Microsoft and Symantec, recorded VR training programs for medical employees, and have also recorded eLearning for BMW call centre agents in the automotive industry. Engaging content is only as good as the person delivering it. That’s why I won’t just read your lesson to the students; I’ll teach it to them. Your script will be recorded in an engaging, natural, and conversational manner. Delivered in a way that ensures the highest knowledge retention and that complements the hard work you and your learning designers have done. All recordings are completed in a professional home studio with the capability to direct me live via IPDTL or Source Connect. Let’s discuss how I can help your business and employees grow to become even more valuable to your team.