British Voice Diva LLC

US based Authentic British VO Talent. Own isolation booth home studio. Source Connect and IPDTL.

Founded in
Atlanta, GA
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If you are looking for an USA based, Authentic, British female voice for your next E-Learning project, narration, whiteboard animation videos, 3D animations or Motion Graphics videos; Sarah is most probably the lady you are seeking!

Working full time as a freelance VO talent in her isolation booth home studio.  She is easy to work with and can connect with her clients world wide on their time zones.

Among her many clients include UPS and Whirlpool. International companies who need a global female voice.

Her flexible schedule gives her customers fast turnarounds to meet and conquer deadlines.

If you are interested in working together on your project? Sarah would be happy to provide you with a no-obligation audio sample and quote.

Lets start working on your next VO project!