CAE, Computer Aided eLearning

CAE is an expert company in online training supported by elearning technology innovating in the highest quality training solutions, LMS and content.

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CAE, Computer Aided E-learning is a company that specializes in training supported by technology with 35 years of experience innovating to provide the highest quality training services and elearning solutions. Founded in 1981, CAE is one of the leading providers of advanced global solutions for training. Our constant innovation has led to an increased demand for our training products and services, which we offer from our headquarters in the USA, LATAM and Europe. We offer interactive multimedia SCORM/AICC language content, online courses, blended learning and language labs; and the most complete online learning platform or LMS.

We are specialists in offline / online synchronized training in language laboratories. Our multimedia language courses integrate the most effective voice recognition system of the market and they all work well without an Internet connection through our Apps designed for multiple devices in sync.

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