CASANOVA Translations

Translation and localization firm with over 25 years in the translation market, specialized in eLearning contents for US educational publishers. Projects ranging from 10,000 to 5,000,000 words, English to Spanish, and main European languages.

Founded in
Paraná 426 - 2E
Buenos Aires
Contact details
(646) 980-4282

CASANOVA Translations can be your partner in the translation field when it comes to good quality and profitability, focusing mainly in the following language pairs: English <> Iberic & Latin American Spanish; English <> Brazilian Portuguese; Iberic & Latin American Spanish <> Brazilian Portuguese. We combine human expertise and smart technology to accelerate the most time-consuming parts of the translation process.

In the field of school contents, we have worked for educational publishers, such as McGraw-Hill, Pearson Educational, HMH, Maskew Miller Longman, Discovery Education, Texas Education, and many other, translating materials that involved K-12, intermediate, and college levels, focusing mainly on the following type of projects:

•             Translation of Manuscripts, Textbooks, Teacher's & Student's Guides,

Handbooks, Glossaries, Assessments, E-books, Audio books.

•             Copyediting

•             Proofreading

•             Content Production (DTP, Video, Audio files, etc.)