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CDSM Interactive Solutions is a digital learning solutions provider, offering bespoke e-learning content and a contemporary learning platform. Founded by further education lecturers, our dedication to cutting-edge learning science and best practice allows us to deliver effective and engaging learning to our customers. The company’s collective experience and imagination has enabled us to work on major projects internationally, most recently with Welsh Government and Honda Motors Europe.

At CDSM we like to keep things simple.

We describe 3 e-learning formats:

  1. E-learning content for online multi-device access
  2. E-learning content for native ‘apps’: smartphones and tablets
  3. E-learning content for hybrid solutions (online and native applications)

E-learning content for online multi-device access

CDSM Interactive Solutions is committed to designing and delivering adaptive learning content solutions for its customers. At no further cost, with no hidden add-ons, CDSM Interactive Solutions deliver:

  • An effective, interactive e-learning experience to the widest possible audience
  • An interactive e-learning experiences as an optimised end-user experience

We can transform your approach to learning in the workplace. 21st century organisations understand that learning no longer needs to be constrained by time or space, and that learning must be available to their people via a range of devices. CDSM Interactive Solutions' e-learning solutions do exactly that!

E-learning content for native ‘apps’: smartphones and tablets
Smart device ownership has created huge demand for effective, interactive learning content for smartphones and tablets.

With the boundaries of work life blurring increasingly hectic personal schedules, corporate Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) network policies, home-working policies and clear personal preference have created a demand for ‘killer’ e-learning apps to be available on the learners’ own devices.

The phrase ‘anytime, anyplace, anywhere’ is remarkably accurate in describing the total flexibility that native mobile applications offer the learner. CDSM Interactive Solutions’ e-learning content for native mobile applications is delivered for iOS, Android and Windows operating systems.

E-learning content for hybrid solutions (online and native applications)
Get the best from both worlds! CDSM Interactive Solutions' Thinqi technology framework enables organisations to harvest the benefits of online and offline mutli-device access learning content.

Thinqi allows content to be connected to an intelligent, digital platform that enables true learning and development to happen. Content and activities – no matter what size or form – can be assigned, assessed and reported upon, and your learners can be recognised and rewarded personally via their device, with outcomes that meet both their personal and professional wants and aspirations.


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