Chiara Voce

Actress and Teacher with a bright and energetic voice, specialized in e-Learning.

Founded in
via Urbano III
Contact details
+39 340 2215307

I am Chiara, from Chiara Voce. I am an actress and a teacher.

For this reason, I am specialized in e-learning, because one of my purposes is that my students (and of course, your students!) won't get bored while they are learning something.

So, my audio is usually bright, energetic, and very clear.

I can also help you in translating your script into Italian, because I can understand that, sometimes, something written for English speaking people will sound weird in Italian.

I am usually fast while recording: after we decided a proper mood, I can send you your audio within 48-72h (even though it depends on the number of words!) if you would like me to record in my sound-checked home studio.

But I can also work in a recording studio!

I have voiced the e-learning for Stroili Oro, Michael Kors, Kiabi and a lot of other companies!