Chris Mezzolesta VO/Male eLearning Voice

Professional voiceover, eLearning specialist. Personable & friendly VO style for best learner engagement. Other styles/"personalities" available depending on subject matter.

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How can I be a SOLUTION for you?

I can make the process of finding a suitable voiceover artist for your eLearning content quick, easy, painless, dare I say even a little fun?? Having been a professional VO for 26 years, "I've got this". All of the difficulties and hassles and time drains typically found in the voiceover hiring process, I've been through those and always deliver top quality material, from the performance and the technical standpoints. In addition, I have decades of reading and research on various topics under my belt, and thus am familiar with many different topics and terms from those topics. Use my voice to best connect your learners to your material.

Past and current eLearning clients include Skillsoft, Ernst & Young, TimberTech, UBS, Novartis, Microsoft, Cisco, IOMAX USA, the New Jersey/New Mexico/.Connecticut Departments of Education, and many more.

The studio is fully built out, tuned, isolated & soundproof, with professional equipment and high-speed Internet connectivity. Live directed sessions are available via ipDTL and SourceConnectNow, otherwise just send your script/directions/pronunciations via email and I will return a broadcast-quality audio file in your preferred format, typically within the day.

In a climate of way too many voiceover choices and way too little assurance of quality, go with a known quantity. I will help make your learning content succeed on every level.