Chris Michaels

The American Voice - 2019 Voice Arts Nominee - Not Political. Just American.

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I’ve maintained a voice career for over 2 decades because I enjoy solving the 3 main obstacles that businesses face.

Time: 84% of Americans agree they need more time to spend with family and friends. Save time by bringing me onboard to be ‘the voice’ of your company’s advertising, promotional, or e-Learning projects because I deliver before the deadline – every time.

Energy: Because you’ve saved time choosing me, and not enduring the complicated process of using a third party Casting Site to hire a voice, you’ll have extra energy to put into other things that your business craves.

Money: Save 10-20% of your voice budget by hiring me directly, versus a voice casting site. Plus take advantage of discounts I offer to repeat clients, and even monthly retainer agreements ensuring you will save money.

My American Values

Independence: Americans are very proud of being self-reliant, and I’m no different. We can not truly be free if we cannot take care of ourselves and be independent. I understand that if I put in the hard work, this creates my independence! Having these values inspires me to deliver you the best. I bring individualism to every project I’m assigned to, and I believe that’s important!

Equality: Just as all men and women should be treated equal, I also believe that all businesses should be treated equally. My continued A+ Rating with the BBB shows that I treats clients fairly, with dignity and with the utmost respect and the professionalism that they deserve.

Individualism: The truth is, everyone is different. Everyone has a different voice, a different reading style, and a different set of skills to bring to the table. Just as each script is unique, I bring my individual style – lifting written word, to life!

What sets Chris Michaels apart is his natural gift of storytelling and believability to the written word. Some go through years and years of training, coaching, and learning of the voiceover craft; and although Chris has regular sessions with world-renowned coaches in the industry, his ability comes naturally. He’s born for this work. It’s in his blood.