Christina Bergmann

Voice-Over Talent and Translator for English and German, located in Germany, with 10+ years of experience

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Bahnhofstr. 12
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With more than 10 years of experience, I work regularly with small and medium-sized companies and production companies from all around the world.

Their projects are just as unique as the companies:
- #elearning projects (eg. tutorials for new telephone system or software, safety training, etc.)
- #explainer videos, #product videos, #imagevideos, #how-to videos
- #IVR, #caller greetings, #on-hold messages
- #translation of technical documentation, #marketing-related texts, product descriptions, specs, etc.

They benefit by providing #e-learning content in a form that enables employees and clients to learn whenever they have the time and the mindset for it.
They also save travel time and costs related to attending live seminars.
The last great advantage of #video-based #e-learning is the consistency of the information conveyed, while live seminars can be more easily tailored towards individual questions, content provided may vary in depth and topics depending on the time available. Properly planned video-based eLearning can be a huge time-saver and have higher retention rates.

#Explainer, #product, and #image videos are an entertaining, engaging and easy way of conveying even highly technical information and growing their audience.
And the #voice-over in a video is a great way to improve #SEO thanks to the subtitles.

When they use the advantages of a telephone system and caller greetings, they can use them to relay standard information.
Every caller is greeted in a friendly, professional way, while the system frees up employee time for more individual caller requests and other tasks.

They also benefit from having excellent #German texts that are tailored to their target group, so that they can make a great first impression on their German audience.

What I love most about my work is the versatility of the projects brought to me. Even though it’s the same tasks, every project is unique.

Would you like to know more? Feel free to contact me at [email protected] or WhatsApp +49 172 279 0911.