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  • Operations Training
  • Performance Support
  • Process and Technical Training
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  • Risk Management
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  • eLearning
  • Engineering/Management Services
  • Industrial Automation
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CHRP-INDIA is a global interactive learning technology services and solutions company, established in the year 2008, with offices in India, France, and Bahrain. We offer custom eLearning, AR/VR/MR solutions, Publishing & Multimedia, Translation & Localization, Aftermarket Services, Software Services, and Consulting.

We have one vision – "to build unique learning products and technology solutions, which will be available and accessible for all on the go". We have the best resources and infrastructure to manage and deliver complex and challenging projects for our clients.

We believe in transforming information and knowledge into compact and convenient value based learning products and technology solutions for our clients.

We have designed, developed and delivered over +30000 hours of learning content for our customers across the globe. We have a continuing partnership with our customers, with a 95% of repeat business this corroborate our commitment to customer focus and satisfaction.


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