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Voiceover for any need. Specializing in long-form work, particularly eLearning, online training, web-based training (WBT), textbooks-to-tape and explainer videos.

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As a Voiceover Professional...while I can do almost anything VO-wise, most of my work these days is in the fields of eLearning (aka WBT or web-based training, online training, online instruction and explainer videos) ...with clients including The U.S. Department of Defense, Nokia, Glencoe/McGraw-Hill, STMicroelectronics, Octapharma Plasma, Anglo Institute & many others. In addition to the e-learning field, I do quite a few commercials & on-hold messages. Find out more at, email via [email protected], or call (614) 580-4689.

I take great pride in ensuring that my clients are downright impressed with my work on their behalf. Here are just a few of their comments:

“Overall, the read sounds great. Chuck has a knack for making the material sound much better than it is.”

“It’s been great to work with you all these years. I really appreciate your contributions to bringing our projects to life. We couldn’t do these without you. You are a true professional.”

“Awesome job Chuck… it’s perfect. You are the man. You have such great control… you can tweak
things with such great precision, just as I had imagined in my mind… and such quick service was a great surprise!!!”

“WOW! The voice over guy is truly the key to excellent training. What a fine, concise piece. Congratulations!”

“You have a wonderful way of delivering. Such talent. I’ve never heard such clarity and authority and distinctiveness as in your delivery. And we also appreciate your promptness in getting back to us…”

“thanks. you are a life saver. In all my years I have never had anyone respond as quick as you nor be as flexible. You’re great.”

“Thanks Chuck! You nailed this VO. It really made this project better!”

“Wish I only would have the pleasure to work with professionals like you Chuck. Thanks so much for the superquick delivery…”

“Thank you so much! You are so easy to work with.”