Claire Wyatt Voiceover

British Female Voiceover Artist - Home studio with ISDN. A trusted, versatile voice at the heart of your brand. E-Learning specialist with over 15 years experience.

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Whether it’s empowering and educating staff, communicating complex and technical information or teaching the next generation to read, I’ve become the trusted voice for various E-Learning and Education suppliers.

My approachable, encouraging (but never patronizing), reassuring and relatable voice has been used by household names and breakthrough brands. I can be calm and smooth, or bubbly and cheeky; we’ll find the tone that’s right for your brand and audience together.

My broadcast quality home studio means I can work fast, efficiently and to a budget that works for you without compromising on quality. I’m also great with characters and accents and know how to source other professional voice artists, so if you need multiple voices, I’m sure I can help.

But the most important thing is that I love working in E-Learning. I’m passionate about learning and I find it exciting that I’m always learning when I voice a project – I pass that excitement on your audience.