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San Francisco
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Whether you’re doing sales demos, product PoCs, training or customer support, the cloud shouldn’t rain on your parade. CloudShare’s high-performance virtual IT labs deliver real value to business and IT pros, making it easy for you to shine — anywhere, anytime — no matter how many users you have. That is our promise to you!

What we do
Founded in 2007, we provide easy-to-use virtual labs that can replicate on-premises apps and environments, retaining even the most complex networking. Our intuitive user experience and turnkey solutions support the software business lifecycle from R&D to sales enablement, training and support.

Don’t believe us? Ask the companies who rave about our rock-solid performance, environments that spin up in seconds and strong customer support.

What We Believe In
Nothing is more important to us than seeing our customers succeed. Our virtual IT labs won’t let you down. You shouldn’t have to choose between reliable performance, enormous scale, environments that spin up fast or world-class customer support. Our team is dedicated to innovating and delivering great solutions, always staying by your side to help ensure your success.

Who we are
We’re a team of experts with decades of experience building and running software, security and cloud companies, so we know firsthand the kinds of challenges you face. Using that experience, we’ve build virtual IT labs that do the hard technical work behind the scenes so you can focus on results.



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