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The right level of instruction, at the right time, to the right person

Compliance Creed is a fully outfitted instructional design and custom eLearning development service. We have the skills and experience to provide a right-sized solution that will meet the needs of your organization, whether starting from an initial training needs analysis to developing microlearning modules, videos, or fully-customized eLearning courses.

Traditionally, corporate training is

  • Too long and crams too much information into one eLearning course.
  • Quickly forgotten – the forgetting curve is steep; little or nothing is remembered.
  • One-size fits all, meaning much of it isn’t relevant to the learner, and it is not based on risk.
  • No proof of learning, only completion, or at best a snapshot in time via test/quiz results.
  • No fun – How many times have you heard corporate training as being enjoyable?


How we solve this

  • MicroLearning – short-burst of content focused on one to three key learning objectives
  • Spaced repetition of key learnings reverses the forgetting curve.
  • Adaptive delivery of learning based on risk and learner performance.
  • Verifiable learning growth demonstrated by tracking performance against learner baseline.
  • Gamification – Group challenges, competitions, scoring and badges.

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