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At Cosmic Solutions, we create learning experiences in the virtual environment, available to end users anywhere, anytime.

We are a team passionate about what we do; every day we work to perfect the delivery of your educational, graphic design, programming, project management and web marketing needs. Creating the appropriate magic to develop extremely functional, user friendly, virtual education projects.

Since 2001, we have committed ourselves to providing our clients with high quality solutions; enabling electronic knowledge transfer, while leveraging the flexibility and creativity of virtual environments.

Custom e-learning
We transform traditional, standard (and often boring) educational programs, into fun interactive modules, tailored to the needs of your goals, and the goals of your audience. Our modules can be accessed from any internet enabled device, any time, any where. We utilize video, infographics, interactive activities, animations, evaluations, gamification and more.

Rapid e-learning
Limited Budget?  No time? We use tools that optimize your existing resources to create modules that leverage your educational needs.   We bring your flat files to life!

We have studied and researched the role of “play” as an essential educational tool in todays world. We are thought leaders in the field of elearning gamification, creating modules in which users learn while overcoming challenges, earning points, rewards, badges, and recognition. We wrap the educational goals in fun activity, achieving a transfer of knowledge that is impactful, enjoyable, and easily


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