CourseCard, Inc.

CourseCard is improving education for millions of students and educators through the use of cloud-based resources and ready to use online content, study materials, and assessments, all created by our community of educators.

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After over twenty-five years dedicated to the education industry, the founding members of CourseCard felt that the existing model of educational publishing was lagging behind the needs of today’s educators and students. With this insight, we set out to create a digital platform for the exchange of high-quality, affordably priced course content, created and customized by the educators themselves. Because we believe that educators should be compensated for the content they have produced, and students should not have to pay over-inflated prices for the materials they need in order to succeed.

That’s it. It’s a simple but powerful solution that puts the learners’ experience back into the hands of educators.

CourseCard was started with two goals:

  1. Providing educators with a modern platform to create and market their course content.
  2. Providing students with a unified course experience, that is not only feature-rich but also highly affordable.

The pursuit of these goals has resulted in a platform and program which incentivize and equip educators to produce, share, and profit from their own educational materials.

Above all, CourseCard has a strong commitment to honoring the powerful influence of educators in society.  We recognize and respect their devotion to better outcomes and greater success for their students. Which is why we believe that the CourseCard platform and community are the perfect environment for educators and students reach to their fullest potential.