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CQ Net is a learning platform for management skills. We believe management skills are the key to success and offer high-quality, agile and collaborative online trainings, as well as a breadth of management input in our knowledge library.

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CQ Net is a learning platform offering high-quality management knowledge for everyone. We passionately believe that management skills are the key to personal and professional success. Management skills are highly transferable, meaning they are applicable to many domains outside business. Such highly sought-after skills include effective leadership, networking, collaboration, communication, and much more.

On our platform, you have the choice between browsing our vast knowledge library and taking part in one of our agile, collaborative online trainings. All information available at CQ Net is yielded from a breadth of social science research, as well as from our in-house expertise of academics and practitioners. Our goal is to make high-quality management education affordable in a modular way, meaning you can focus on the skills you need to tackle the problems you face.

Learning management skills will give you a competitive advantage in your next career step, and can equally help improve your personal projects and relationships. If you are looking for an immersive way to learn skills you can apply in all areas of life, CQ Net is the right place for you! Visit www.ckju.net today.