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Innovative photography courses for developing creativity in leaders and professionals.

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Creative Camera is an e-learning photography school offering a new kind of experience for photographers and business leaders. Built around courses and tutorials as well as location workshops and retreats, its core aim is to impart in-depth learning for developing creativity through photography.

The online courses are tailored to meet the needs of professionals who both hold photography as an established hobby and would like to produce more creative work, as well as leaders who require a gateway into adapting and evolving their leadership skillset. The course structure is built around hard and soft skills development, for which photography requires both to make outstanding imagery. Here are some of the parallels between leadership traits and photography:

Leadership and Photography - a different perspective?

As a leader, you are endlessly in demand to show up and impress, to be informed and knowledgeable, to have an opinion and a vision, to convince and inspire. It’s exciting, but it is exhausting!
To breathe in deeply while stepping back and seeing the full picture..
To bring out your curiosity and attentiveness, and really focus on what is important..
To observe what is, and create a new vision?
And to quietly or dramatically change your perspective?