Curt Ford Voiceovers

Curt specializes in e-learning, narration, and audio tours. With over 15 years university teaching experience, VO training with top coaches, and over 200 e-learning modules created, he brings clarity and warmth to truly connect with your audience.

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Mill Valley
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Back in 2014, when I was teaching Russian at the University of South Carolina, I started narrating videos for my students – to help with those late night, pre-midterm jitters. Before long people were commenting not just on Russian grammar, but on the delivery: clear, but reassuring and encouraging. And when someone who'd never seen me before recognized my voice at a national conference ("Hey, are you the guy from that YouTube channel...?"), I realized that it was time to take narration seriously.

Since then I've been fortunate to hone my craft at VoicetraxSF with teachers like Samantha Paris, Thom Pinto, Jeannie Elias, Tina Morasco, Dave Fennoy, Peter Dunne, Vicki Baum, Chuck Kourouklis, Brian Sommer, and many more. I now work from a home studio (Shure KSM32 microphone, Scarlett interface, Reaper DAW) near San Francisco.

That YouTube channel is still going strong with well over 31,000 subscribers, and I'm eager to bring the same clarity and thoughtful, positive energy to your e-learning and narration projects.