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Cyrus Rodas is one of Houston’s most versatile voice actors known for his naturally rich and dulcet vocals, as well as diverse character creation. Over 5 years in the voice over and audio engineering industry, and 60+ hours of narration experience.

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Cyrus Rodas is one of Houston’s most versatile voice over and film actor that is known for his naturally rich and dulcet vocal tones perfect for narration, as well as his diversity in creating characters for video games, cartoons, movies, and television.

Since his start in 2016, he has been featured on multiple hit shows such as “Epithet Erased” (Dr. Beefton/Dark Star, dir. Brendan Blaber), “Shenmue: The Animation” (Zhangyu, dir. Joey Goubeaud), “Tribe Nine” (Roku Saigo, dir. Marissa Lenti), “Haikyu!!” (Coach Aritaka Shishio, dir. Kyle Colby), “Prince of Tennis” (Daichi Kiriyama, dir. Howard Wang) and most recently had provided various voices for the English dubbing of Benny Chan’s “Raging Fire” (starring Donnie Yen).

Cyrus is most notable for his performances in many of the industry’s top video game titles and franchises, including “Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands” (Dread Lord, dir. Joel McDonald), “SMITE” and “Paladins: Champion of the Realms” (Hi-Rez Studios, dir. Stephen Hoff), “Fallout: Sim Settlements 2” (The Ron, dir. Taher Chy), “Iris and The Giant” (Goblinz Studio, dir. Louis Rigaud), and projects with companies such as Nintendo and Square Enix.

He most recently has starred in two feature films directed by Upstart Filmwork’s Mel House: Multiple Award Winning “Mystery Spot” (Todd) and “Inbetweening” (Derek).

Cyrus loves every chance to collaborate and have fun on any project, whether it be in the booth or on set!