David Turner - Your Friendly Neighborhood VO

Like a good neighbor, David takes your best efforts the extra mile to making connections that encourage trust and relationship with your audience. Some well worn tools include professional audio production, Spanish fluency, and years of teaching.

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I have enjoyed teaching whether in the intimacy of a living room or helping a conference of a thousand work through a concept. As I put your eLearning module together or step through your explainer, my goal is to communicate your message by giving your listeners the experience they need to assimilate the information with a positive impression of your company or organization.

At a minimum, the audio has to be free of noise and distractions, but it really should have a clean presentation that draws the listener to the important information not steer their focus to the recording. My years in radio (from DJ to GM) and running a small recording studio have made this balance practically automatic during the editing and post-production processes.

As a bonus, my years of living in South America gives me a comfortableness with Spanish that can give your Spanish audience the message in their heart language with the same voice as the English.

Adding a clear, soothing, and trusted voice to your eLearning, video presentation, and even your IVR or voice mail can reach out and draw in your listeners as friends. If you would like to step out into a documentary or an audiobook in order to walk with those friends a little longer, I can help make that happen as well.

Let’s discuss the details of your project.