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David's Voice provides timely e-Learning Voice Over for all forms of training ranging from educational, Medical, Corporate, HR, Compliance etc. We offer speedy turnaround and full customer satisfaction.

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David Winograd, a Ph.D. in Educational Technology is David's Voice. After training hundreds of in-service teachers in the creation and delivery of e-Learning through Instructional Design, we know what is required to get the job done.

David’s voice has been described as trustworthy, intelligent, sincere, friendly, warm and relatable. Having a Ph.D. in Educational Technology and Instructional Design, David has taught and created e-Learning on a University level for over a decade, giving him the ability to appreciate and understand complex topics and convey them to a variety of listeners. He can also assist in proofing or writing copy to assure the clarity of instructional objectives.

Being a natural storyteller and having narrated over 30 Audiobooks, David has the ability to hold an audience and breathe life into sometimes dry technical copy.

Capabilities include:

  1. Broadcast quality recording from his Professional Industry Certified Studi0
  2. Source Connect Now – if you would like record on your end
  3. Skype Phone Patch – allowing you to direct or be in on the recording session
  4. Non-union status
  5. Very quick turnaround, usually within 24 hours depending upon length

Excellent and attentive customer service –We’re not happy until you’re happy.

David is happy to record a free custom demo to make sure that his voice is the right fit for you and your instruction.