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DELUXUS S.A.C is a company dedicated to providing e-learning solutions for small, medium, and large companies and institutions. In addition, we are the creators of the e-learning platform "DELUXUS CLOUD" which has been designed with the "easy to use" approach, in order to provide a simple user experience that can be adapted to any device. Our platform has powerful resources and tools that optimize the learning process and make the courses more efficient. The services we offer are the following:

Online exams: Create online exams easily so you can measure your students' progress thanks to the tool (Quiz Maker).
Videoconferences: Create meetings to make your business more professional (Zoom, BigBlueButton, or any other provider).
Assignments: Create assignments for students to work individually or collaboratively.
Documents: Upload any document, presentation, or work and share it with your trainees.
Messaging service: Send and receive messages quickly with our messaging service.
Virtual Library: Manage your documents and outstanding work to increase your company's knowledge base.
Multimedia channels with real-time communication: Create multimedia channels (audios, images, videos) to make the learning process more fun. In addition, you can enable real-time chat for your learners to interact with each other and share their ideas.
Satisfaction surveys: Create satisfaction surveys to measure your users' experience and generate statistics.

This and other services are available within the platform in order to be the main partner of companies and institutions seeking efficient and quality learning.


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