Derek Lane Voiceover, LLC

Voiceover Artist with diverse technical and professional background

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1975 Ballpark Way, #200482
Arlington, TX
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I provide a variety of professional voiceover services, primarily for eLearning, corporate training, and technical narration, but also quite a few commercials and explainers. My broad background in Software Design, Logistics for Humanitarian Aid, Supply Chain, and International Travel (plus a degree in History), gives me a solid foundation for a confident performance, no matter what the subject may be.

Of note, I have a solid foundation in Human Centered Design as well as Agile Development due to my software background, so your design vocabulary won’t be a foreign language.

Lastly, given my degree in History and my military experience, I understand the literal roots of the adjective “byzantine” and am totally comfortable working with you to navigate corporate contracting and accounts payable. =)