Do you need a genuine voice? I provide voice over services for e-Learning, medical narration, and explainer videos. I provide custom demos and quotes at no cost and no obligation. Please see my website for demos and my portfolio.

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2926 Suncrest Village Lane
Raleigh, NC, 27616
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(919) 810-1957

I want you to have the right voice for your project!

Do you need a big brother, mentor, best friend, or father voice?

If so, I can help:

Provide friendly advice on which car, computer, or toaster to buy

  • Inform your audience when they are trying to make the big decision
  • Tell it how it is, no holds barred when they are heading in the wrong direction
  • Crack a joke, tell a story, or have a laugh, sometimes that's just what the doctor ordered

If not, I have a network of VO colleagues, I can point you to the right one!

I'm a professional male voice over artist.

I have a pleasant friendly fatherly/mentor baritone that is excellent for E-learning projects. My knowledgeable, educated sound is well-suited for corporate and medical narration. And, I have a playful enthusiastic vibe that works great for explainer videos.