Don Rudzinski VO

As a Voice-Over Artist, I understand the power of a voice. My voice is resonant, comfortable and smooth. It conveys trust and confidence. In my home studio, I produce quality and timely recordings, perfect for your e-learning needs.

Founded in
3102 Wynford Drive
Fairfax, VA
Contact details
(703) 635-0042

I do recording, editing, production and distribution of quality voice-overs in my home studio.  Having worked for decades in Marketing Communications, I have used my voice to relay important programs to customers and retailers.  In the same way, I am sure my voice can help make your explainer videos and E-learning projects a success.

My solid and reassuring voice has been used in various ways, from portraying a newscaster communicating world events, to a suave voice on an augmented reality app demo, to the main character in a dinner setting for a short film. I understand the power of the spoken word.

I am easy to work with, responsive to your needs and enjoy the creative process, bringing projects to life.