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Download Learning are pioneers in the application of neuroscience and physiology to digital learning.

It is our objective to deliver improvements in learning efficiency and effectiveness through the development of digital solutions that address the biological factors that enable learning.

Download is the first digital learning tool capable of embedding information directly into the long-term memory.

Developed as a result of world leading, peer reviewed research, Download is setting new standards in both the efficiency with which learning is delivered and the results that can be achieved from the learning process.

Current learning techniques primarily address the short-term working memory which degrades rapidly, and with it the knowledge that is acquired through the learning process. By placing information directly into long-term memory knowledge acquisition, retention and application are all improved. And, as the processing power of the long-term memory is infinitely greater than that of the short-term working memory, the learning process can be shortened substantially.

Download is already being used in sectors ranging from higher education to policing and construction to technology across the full spectrum of training requirements from onboarding and soft skills through compliance and health and safety to process and product training.


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