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12802 Provision Street, San Antonio
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With a passion for creating interactive and immersive learning experiences, I am an Instructional Designer and eLearning Developer with extensive expertise in multimedia development. My background encompasses instructional design writing, illustration, photography, filmmaking, and animation, allowing me to employ a wide range of creative tools to enhance learning outcomes.

Throughout my career, I have excelled in translating complex and technical content into engaging and comprehensible online training courses. I have worked closely with clients and subject matter experts to assess their needs and develop interactive learning solutions that captivate learners. I started my career as a Visual Information Specialist for the U.S. EPA Region 5 creating multimedia for public relations and scientific visual documentation. Now my ability to transform highly technical information into visually compelling and interactive courses has been instrumental in facilitating effective knowledge transfer.

I specialize in employing scenario and story-based instructional methods, as well as simulations and 3D animation, to create dynamic learning experiences. By incorporating these elements, I bring the content to life, making it more relatable and applicable to real-world situations. I firmly believe in the "learn-by-doing" approach, where learners actively participate and apply their knowledge through interactive activities and simulations.

In my role as an Instructional Designer and Interactive Graphic Designer, I have had the privilege of collaborating with renowned institutions and organizations such as Johns Hopkins University, Denny's Restaurants, World Vision LLC, and Citrix Corp. I have also worked as an Infographic Designer and 3D Modeler/Animator, where I collaborated with lawyers and subject matter experts to develop animated videos for courtroom presentations and trials.

With a commitment to excellence and a strong passion for creating impactful and interactive learning experiences, I am dedicated to empowering learners and facilitating their growth through innovative instructional design methods.


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